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Pink Ribbon First Aid Kits

Donation 2 €

Sold in Pharmacies



Our Pink Ribbon campaign products are two first aid bags of different sizes, specially designed for the Finnish Cancer Foundation campaign, both in terms of the bags and their contents. The bags themselves are made of a very high quality EVA material covered with fabric, and the icing on the cake is the pink color. The bags are also suitable for other everyday use, such as make-up.

For us, being part of the campaign is about being socially responsible and also about wanting to help.

Big Kit

Wound care
Band-aids, cloth band-aids, wound wipes, first-aid, eye drops, wound tape and protective gloves

First aid and protection
Gauze pads, triple linen, eye protection, rescue blanket, resuscitation mask, burn gel, scissors and emergency first aid instructions

Small Kit

Wound care
Plasters, cloth plasters, wound towels and gauze pads

First aid and supplies
Rescue blanket, CPR mask, tourniquet, medicine dispenser, wound tape, scissors, protective gloves and emergency first aid instructions

Made from high quality Padded fabric and abrasion-resistant EVA Fabricated material first aid bags for the home, car or even as a gift



Your Expert Suppliers

Firstar has been manufacturing high quality medical supplies at competitive prices for 23 years. We are here for you when you need us. Since 2023, one of the cornerstones of our business has been our relationship with Pink Ribbon. Besides, we care.

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