multi sport first aid kit.jpg

multi sport kit

Made of strong ABS plastic, this multi sport kit is shiny smooth and easy to clean. A neoprene seal is fitted to make them dustproof. A wall bracket secure them on any house wall or booth. A better contents settlement is permitted by the internal crystal partitions. The closing security is given by two swivel catches. Recommended use: these items have been designed especially for the first aid which might be needed in sporting clubs, such as : Tennis clubs, Swimming pools,Football pitches, Gymnasium etc.


01 Soap Sachets 6pcs
02 Cleaning Wipes 6pcs
03 Alcohol Tissue 10pcs
04 Antiseptic Wipes 6pcs
05 Adhesive Plaster 50pcs
06 Conforming Bandage 5cm 2rolls
07 Conforming Bandage 7.5cm 4rolls
08 Elastic Bandage 2rolls
09 Sterile Eye Pad 3pcs
10 Sterile Gauze Pad 15pkts
11 Cotton Ball 5pkts
12 Safety Pin 10pcs
13 Triangular Bandages TNT 4pcs
14 Non Woven Dressing 10pkts
15 Tweezers 2pairs
16 Emergency Blanket 2pcs
17 Lancet 2pcs
18 Latex Gloves 3pairs
19 Burn Sheet 2pcs
20 Burn Sheet Medium 2pcs
21 ABD Pad 2pcs
22 Ice Bag 2pcs
23 CRP Mask 2pcs
24 Adhesive Tape 3pcs
25 Adhesive Strip 8pcs
26 First aid Dressing 2rolls
27 First aid Dressing Medium 2rolls
28 Adhesive Dressing 4pcs
29 Scissors 1pair
30 Cotton Roll 1pkt
31 First Aid Booklet 1pc
32 ABS Box 1pc