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Product Size:

17 x 11 x 4 cm

Small EVA First Aid Kit


Small, portable first aid kit, well-equipped for small injuries. Good preparedness for travelling. Packed in a fancy and durable EVA case

Content List:

01 Band Aid 72*19mm 15pcs
02 Band Aid 75*25mm 10pcs
03 Band Aid 40*10mm 15pcs
04 Band Aid Knuckle,76*38mm 2pcs
05 Band Aid 55*19mm 10pcs
06 Band Aid Fingertip, 46*49mm 2pcs
07 Band Aid Spot, dia.22mm 5pcs
08 Scissors 1pair
09 Gauze Pad 3″*3″ 2pkts
10 Adhesive Tape 1pc
11 Bandage 1roll
12 Eye Pad 1pc
14 Cleansing Wipes 2pcs
15 Gloves 1pair
16 EVA First Aid Bag 1pc
Total Pieces: 69 pcs

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