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Product Size:

21 x 14 x 7.5 cm

Medicine Cabinet First Aid Box


Moisture Proof Case Comes With A Carrying Handle And Is Wall Mountable.

Content List:

01 Band aid 7.5*2.5cm 16pcs
02 Adhesive Tape 1pc
03 Antiseptic Wipes 10pcs
04 CPR Mask 1pc
05 Cold Pack 1pc
06 Eye Pad 2pc
07 Gloves 2 pairs
08 Bandage 1roll
09 Scissors 1pair
10 Gauze Pad 3″*3″ 2pkts
11 Trauma Pad 2pcs
12 Triangle Bandage 1pc
13 First Aid Guide 1pc
14 First Aid Box 1pc
Total Pieces: 42pcs

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