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Product Size:

17.8 x 12.1 x 3.3 cm

Deluxe Tin First Aid Kit


It is portable, ease to carry
and can be used in home,
office, outdoor and travelling

Content List:

01 Safety Pins 10
02 CPR Face Shield 1pc
03 Cleansing Wipe 1pc
04 Soap Wipe 1pc
05 Plaster Strips, 7.2*1.9cm 5pcs
06 Plaster Strips, Knuckle size 2pcs
07 Plaster Strips, Butterfly size 2pcs
08 Scissors 1pair
09 Adhesive Film Dressing 6x7cm 2pcs
10 Adhesive Island Dressing 6x10cm 2pcs
11 Adhesive Tape 1pc
12 Non-Woven Sponge, 5pcs/pkt 1pkt
13 PVC Gloves 1pair
14 Conforming Bandage 1pc
15 Moleskin-Adhesive Padding 1pc
16 Burn Gel 1pc
17 Triple Antibiotic 1pc
18 Tin First Aid Box 1pc
Total Pieces: 35 pcs

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