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first aid direct

Made of strong ABS plastic, this kit is shiny, smooth and easy to clean. The kit contains a neoprene seal which makes the kit dustproof. The wall bracket is able to secure the kit on a common house wall. The internal crystal partitions permit a more flexible and scientific item arrangement. Additionally, two swivel catches are set for closing security. Recommended use: business companies, small factories, labs, and etc.


Content List:

01 Emergency Blanket
02 Triangular Bandage
03 Conforming Bandage
04 Adhesive Bandage
05 Wound Plaster Kit
06 Transparent Tape
07 POP Bandage
08 Gauze Roll
09 Non-adherent Pad
10 First Aid Dressing
11 Rayon Ball
12 Non-woven Fabric Strip
13 Glove s
14 First Aid Dressing
15 Elastic Strap Tourniquets
16 Thick PBT Bandage
17 Sterile Gauze Swab
18 Sterile Gauze Swab. M
19 Scissors
20 Metal Forceps
21 Safety Pins
22 First Aid Booklet
23 ABS Box