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Product Size:

33 x 14 x 18 cm

Elderly Care Kit Small


This First Aid Kit Provides First Aid Equipment For Daily Care Of The Elderly.

Content List:

01 Disposable Urine Bags 2pcs
02 Alcohol Wipes 10pcs/pkt 1pkt
03 Inflatable Neck Pillow 1pc
04 Back Brace Support Belt 1pc
05 Whistle 1pc
06 Heel Pad 1pc
07 Plaster Strip 25pcs
08 Gauze Swab 3''x3'' 5pkts
09 Paper Tape 1pc
10 Wound Dressing 6x7cm 5pcs
11 Cotton Tips 10pcs
12 Alcohol swabs 4pcs
13 Conforming Bandage 7.5cm 1pc
14 Cohesive Bandages 7.5cm 1pc
15 Triangular Bandage 1pc
16 Emergency Blanket 1pc
17 Scissors 1pair
18 Forceps 1pair
19 CPR Face Shield 1pc
20 Face Mask 2pcs
21 Hand Sanitizer 1pc
22 Cooling Gel Patch 3pcs
23 Motion Sickness Patches 1pc
24 Ice Pack 1pc
25 Flashlight 1pc
26 Digital Thermometer 1pc
27 Tourniquet 1pc
28 Pill Box (storage) 1pc
29 Pill box (grinding and cutting) 1pc
30 PVC Gloves 2pairs
31 Safety Pins 10pcs
32 Elderly Bag 1pc
Total Pieces: 90pcs

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