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Automobile Kit

This kit contains everything you need when you have trouble with your car. The bag including the items is of eminent quality. It gives you the tools you need to handle road-side emergencies so that you do not have to wait a long time for road-side assistance or rely on the random kindness of passers-by. It should be a good helper in your car at all times.


01 Tow Rope 1pc
02 Booster Cable 1pc
03 Cotton Work Gloves 1pair
04 Flashlight 1pc
05 Poncho 1pc
06 Work Tape 1pc
07 Travel First Aid Kit 1 set
( Contents including as bandage, tape, scissors,CPR Mask, plaster, strip and wet wipes etc 17pcs )
08 AA batteries 2pcs
09 Nylon Carry Bag 1pc